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A.S.K. Secrets – Bertanya Untuk Berjaya!

A – Attitude (Sahsiah Diri) S – Skills (Kemahiran & Kecekapan) K – Knowledge (Ilmu Pengetahuan) Kalau tak tahu, bertanya.. Kalau kurang pandai, bertanya.. Kalau tak nak sesat, bertanya.. 🙂 Today’s Joke: The Opposite word for ASK is ASS!.. Lol… 😉

A Billionaire Success Strategy

By Robert L. Cox My experience has given me a VIP seat in the world of the truly wealthy. As a business consultant for the past 30 years, I have had the great fortune to work with several individuals who are now billionaires. That’s right … I said billionaires, not millionaires. (Although I have worked … Continue reading

and I can do it…

and I can do it… There are several factors that contribute to ones overall joyfulness. Being rich or having lots of money is just one of them. It opens up doors for opportunities to give financially in thousands of different ways I wish to learn from others – how did they do it?