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Learned From Parenting

We are Adults now!! How did that happen, and how do we make it stop. I was chatting with Jenn (my wife) the other day, and I got to thinking… Wow we are parents! Jenn and I have a blast together, and we live life on our terms. When I think of my dad, and … Continue reading

Leadership Skills: Building Success Through Teamwork

you will learn how toDevelop your teams to maximize their strengths and enhance productivityOptimize organization and work design for success in service delivery teamsMotivate your team with effective performance measurementIntegrate your role as a leader into your management styleLeverage the complementary skills and styles of your teamEliminate barriers and chokepoints that block teamworkApply a diverse … Continue reading

Business Model

We have had discussion on this list before about the concept of network marketing and whther it is more than it reports to be. Below is a simple explanation of the way one company works. I believe you will see that while the concept may be simple, the effort is not necessarily so. It is … Continue reading

Rahsia MLM

Petikan: Zamri Nanyan Pendapatan Berulang (Recurring Income) – Impian Semua. Terdapat tiga (3) jenis aliran pendapatan yang boleh dijana oleh perniagaan anda. 1. Buat Sekali – Dibayar sekaliJika anda laksanakan kerja, jualan atau melaksanakan sesuatu kontrak sekali sahaja, anda juga akan dibayar sekali sahaja dan pendapatan anda akan berakhir di situ sahaja. 2. Berterusan Bekerja … Continue reading