One To One Presentation

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I’m pretty sure you’re doing the people’s business, so treat / do ‘this’ as a routines or daily activities, when you are not online and already spent hours in front of your computer. Make every of your offline conversation valuable. Please ask if you don’t understand any of my short notes.

TOOLS TO STANDBY (24 hours in your car)

  1. Presentation Files (Better in Slide Presentation – use laptop)
    1. Introduction
    2. Short Company Profiles
    3. Services / Products
    4. Benefits of your Services / Products
    5. Sample Photos / Videos
    6. Testimonials
    7. Special Packages / Promotions
    8. Price List
  2. Checklist / Any Related Forms
  3. Products to sell & Products List (if more than 1)
  4. Related Articles / Books
  5. Receipts Book
  6. Business Cards


  1. Discover the ‘Hot Button’to start the efficient conversation. Use FORM…
    1. F – Family
    2. O – Occupation
    3. R – Recreation
    4. M – Message (Most Important, Of Course)
  2. Do the Presentation!
  3. Closing – make sure you earn some cash after every presentation. Try to get the confirmation immediately after finish, before they change mind.


  1. If they are not interested, ask for referrals. (The person who might be interested into products / services)
  2. If they are told you the ‘keyword‘ of what they are interested (about your services / products), concentrate to that ‘keyword’. Ask for referrals too.
  3. ‘Looks good!’ – give them some relevant literature. Remind them again about your promotion.
  4. ‘I would like to hear more!’ – so you schedulle the follow up appointment.
  5. ‘Looks good, let’s do it!’ – so, this is the time to promote the packages of your products / services.
  6. Don’t forget to give them 3 pcs of your business cards – another 2 are for their potential references.


  1. Look for positive signals.
  2. If the time is right, do the ‘closing’ first.
  3. Only continue with other parts of the presentation if necessary.
  4. Do not spend too much time on presentation. >5 to 30 minutes is enough.
  5. Keep the presentation as simple as possible. Ask them to refer to your website for more details.
  6. Don’t forget to get their business card / contact information, includes the telephone number, email, and ask for his free time.
  7. Invite them to join your blog or activities provided.

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