eBay Can Get You More Search Engine Traffic!

In September’s issue of the Search Marketing Lab Report, I wrote about how to use eBay to get better search engine rankings. I covered in-depth strategies like how to pick the proper keywords, the dos and don’ts of writing your listing, how to use eBay’s free pages and Reviews and Guides to best advantage — plus much more!

Now here’s a great resource from eBay ‘s team. They have done some in-depth investigation using trade magazines, top keyword searches, press releases, best sellers, blogs and past trends to give you the “Holiday Hot List 2007,” which predicts what the hottest-selling items will be this year. (Number 1 spot overall? The iPhone.)

They have nicely broken this down by category, from Technology to Health and Beauty.

Take a look and see what you can capitalize on! If you have any of these items, get cracking on your eBay listing and see if you can get some action going with the pay-per-click search engines.

Don’t forget to optimize your listings!

Nicole Ephgrave


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