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By: CrownDiamond777

Now, MLM is the most powerfull method of distribution, wich companies choose to use to eliminate the midle retailers and instead of paying the advertizers, they pay the people for their effort. Word of mouth.Now when someone like you comes along doesn’t do the homework, obviously won’t make it work and say “Network Marketting doesn’t work”.

My advise to you is do your homework and take advantage of the most powerfull tool for creating wealth in the history of the world and stop working on your boss’s dream and start working on YOUR DREAM my name is Florian Ast and you can get in touch with me anytime.

By: Larry Gargis
Nos I know Denson Taylor personally and he is one of the most caring,christian man I know and by the way he is over 50K a month now. I can tell you do not no much about network marketing. One thing Fortune Hi-Tech does not move material.

I have been in Fortune now for 4 months and have already made a full year of my previous employment.Remeber how MLM works if someone is making 38k or 50k or whatever that means he or she has helped alot of other people succeed. Denson has personally done this for me he is my personal sponsor. And I will put my real name unlike you NAS my name is Larry Gargis from Alabama.

You call him a crook and I quote although I recovered my investment it is a pyramid scheme which you mispelled. Let me ask you do you no what a pyramid scheme is? What you have done now is called Dish Network,Cingular wireless,UUNET,MCI,TTI a pyramid scheme.I have fowarded these companies your mail mabey they can track your IP address and charge you for slander.Point blank dont talk about something you do not have clue about.You cant hold Denson Taylor’s Jock strap Larry Gargis Alabama 256-606-0879
By: Rocky 100


BUT, here is my opinion.If a company can offer products and services and no price difference and no service difference, why not? If I can offer the same thing as Cingular does for the same price, is it really a scam or a rip off to my friends and family?Nextel spent 100 million dollars this year to advertise with the NFLNextel spent 100 million dollars this year to advertise with the NHL (NOT EVEN PLAYING THIS YEAR)

Nextel spent 70 million dollars this year to advertise with NASCARHow much cheaper would their phones or service be if they did not spend that money? So if someone could offer the service for the same price through word of mouth and make a living, wouldn’t it be a win-win situation?NO ONE says you don’t have to work hard in network marketing to make money. And you do build a network of people to do the same as you. But you aren’t putting up the big investment either.. you are putting up sweat equity in return. A normal franchise these days would cost average of $80,000 dollars versus the normal $500 for most MLM companies.

The problem is people don’t research companies to see what they offer or how their compensation plan works before making a decision. They get excited and jump right in because most companies try to get them to join on the spot. So even tho their practices may not be above board, it doesn’t shed a good light on their company, it doesn’t mean that the company is not legitimate.

And if people understood and were taught correctly that MLM is a 3-5 year game plan at best, then maybe they would not jump in and be gone in 3 months. You do have to work hard. Would you open a Starbucks around the corner and then go to work and not stop by your shop later that night to make sure it is being run correctly? Would you even be able to KEEP a job and START a Starbucks at the same time? But people jump into MLM and skip days or weeks at a time working their business and expect success.

And lastly…building a network is the whole business.. just like starting a small business and hoping to one day franchise it for small royalties off what that person does in their business.. same concept.. you build a business, franchise it and they franchise it and so on and you make a small residual off their customer base..EDUCATION is the key… not negativity and downgrading each other.


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