Learned From Parenting

We are Adults now!! How did that happen, and how do we make it stop. I was chatting with Jenn (my wife) the other day, and I got to thinking…

Wow we are parents! Jenn and I have a blast together, and we live life on our terms. When I think of my dad, and how serious he used to be about providing, and working, and being a father to us kids. It blows my mind that I’m in the same situation as me. But I have learned a ton more from my kids, then I think I will ever have a chance to teach them.

Here are a few things that come to mind:

1. Childs determination- Child is not afraid to fail. When they see something they want they beg, fight, run, etc I have learned to do the same thing by developing proper goal setting strategies daily affirmations, etc

2. You have to get used to getting puked on. When you are in a position of leadership you have to be able to handle folks coming to you and spewing negative, and throwing up emotionally on you. When you are a parent it’s amazing how you can get used to getting thrown up on. You have to be able to stay calm, and make your baby feel good again. No matter how you feel you have to clean them up, and comfort them, and send them back better then when they come to you.

3. Children need, and want to be recognized for their acts, and accomplishments. When they draw a picture they come to you to show you how well they did. Same as with our team. They want recognition from a job well done. It all goes back to the child within us, we want to make our parents (upline proud).

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Shane Clevenger has been in the Home Based business industry for over ten years. He is currently having a blast building the Next Wave in Network Marketing, and Online Music Sharing.


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