Winning Woman: Patty Matlock

Winning Woman: Patty Matlock, Independent Distributor with Shaklee. I am in New Jersey but my business is international, 5 countries and now soon to be in 50 countries.
I am married to my childhood sweetheart Tim. We have been married for 13 years and dating for 27. No children. We have several cute Sled dogs.

I was in the Information Technology field for 16 years. I enjoyed my career and worked with some great people over the years. However, the IT field required a lot of hours and was very stressful. I would work 12 to 15 hours a day and travel several times a year. The more people became dependent on technology the more demanding my job became. People can’t live without their computer or email for more than 10 minutes. Everything was a fire. My work became more important than my family. The stress began taking a toll on me.

Why direct sales?
I met a woman at a networking group who had her own Shaklee business. She always seemed relaxed and not hurried. She would talk about the high quality natural vitamins. How they were whole food and plants, how they contained no chemicals and pesticides, and the integrity of the company etc.. I was very interested. I was taking good supplements for years and was getting low. One meeting she said, do you know anyone who wants to feel better, look younger and have more energy? I said yes, me. I bought some products from her in hopes she would give me some business and I was amazed at how great I felt the first week.

I shared this with my friends and family. Everyone loved the products and their results and started using the products monthly. Sheree said, “Patty, why don’t you start your own Shaklee business, I can help you?” I thought oh I am so busy with my stressful computer career etc. It didn’t take me long to realize the quality and the integrity of this 50 year old company and what a great opportunity and life style this would be. So I am happy to say, I left my stressful computer career and I have a successful Shaklee home business.

Rewards and success
I find my Shaklee business to be very rewarding. It is really nice to make people healthier and wealthier. Shaklee is more than a home based business, it is a terrific lifestyle. Shaklee allows you to be able to work when you want, to have more time with your family, to get paid well for your own hard work without any office politics, to have an ethical partnership with a supportive network, to have a deeper meaning and sense of purpose about your work, to be there for all the big events in your family’s life, TO MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE, to have financial peace of mind, and FREEDOM to make you own choices. And have fun.

A big success for me recently was my 74 year old mother had said she has accomplished all her goals and dreams in life except one. That was to go to Tahiti. Since my dad passed away, mom does not have anyone to travel with. When she told me it was her life long dream and my dad always wanted to take her there and never got the chance and would I go with her I said of course I would. If I was still in my computer career working for someone else, I would have never been able to go to Tahiti with my mother for 15 days. My mom has been all over the world and said this was the best trip she ever had. Now that’s success!

Tried and true advice
My 3 tips would be, have fun, stay focused and NEVER give up. With Shaklee you own your own business but you are never in business for yourself. The people In Shaklee are the best most helpful people I know. I have established a successful lifelong business as well as great lifelong friends.

Shaklee is the perfect company in the perfect industry with the perfect products and it is the perfect time. Shaklee has a 50-year heritage, they pioneered nutritional supplements, sold over 500 million products and paid out over 3 billion dollars in commission and they are positioned for explosive global growth! You and I have the opportunity to partner with a billionaire. (Roger Barnett CEO/owner of the Shaklee Corporation)

Please call 016-237 9111 (Malaysia) for more information.


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