The Power of Network Marketing

The wealthiest people in the world and Network Marketers know the secret to creating true wealth. They have been focusing on it for hundreds of years. They understanding the difference between linear and recurring income.

Recurring income is when you do the work just once and you get paid over and over again. An example would be rock stars, best-selling authors, inventors, actors, commercial real estate developers and Network Marketers. They do the job once and get paid over and over again. They build something that will keep churning out the income, whether they are managing it or not.

Linear income is when you trade time for money. Most people have been trained to work for someone else. They work for wages. When they stop working, their paycheck stops. Linear income only continues as long as you contine to work.

The best way to find out if you have recurring income is to ask yourself, ‘while I’m sleeping tonight, will I be making money?’

Given a choice, which would you rather do: work hard and get paid only once or work hard once and get paid continuously?

Network Marketing is a way to create recurring income.


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