Success Stories 1

“I Did it and You Can Too!”
Success Stories from Our Global Ambassadors
As a Global Ambassador, you can make the world your neighbor and take your Shaklee business to incredibly high levels! Many people have already done it with great success by sharing Shaklee. After all, it’s about passing the word along. Unlike other traditional jobs with glass ceilings and salary caps, as a Shaklee Distributor owning your own Shaklee business, there is no limit to where the opportunity can take you. And there’s plenty of opportunity for you in other countries. Just ask Marlyn Gottlieb, Shih-Pin Lo, and Alicia Jimenez.
“We live in New York. While vacationing at a resort in Mexico, we met a tennis pro whose passion is educating children about the environment and teaching them how to make a difference in the world. Naturally, we asked him if he would be interested in hearing about Shaklee (he was) and we wound up doing a Shaklee presentation on the beach! After some diligent follow-up from home, we returned to Mexico a few months later to conduct a training for him (quite a pleasant task). Today he is part of our organization, earning from Mexico. We don’t speak Spanish, yet our antennas are always up for sharing Shaklee. You never know where you’ll meet someone.”- Marlyn Gottlieb, Shaklee Business Leader
“We live in Oregon. I like to introduce people to Shaklee by telling them about the great earning opportunity, the financial rewards, and the products. I love to tell them about the products and how they work. I joined Shaklee 10 months ago and made some connections while I was in Taiwan. Then I followed up from home and stayed in touch with people online. Today I am happy to say when Taiwan opens in March, I will have an organization built in Taiwan!”- Shih-Pin Lo, Shaklee Business Leader
“My husband and I are from Mexico. When we first came to California, things were difficult for us. Then through Shaklee, we changed our lives! We were able to buy a house and send our children to private universities! I expanded my Shaklee business into Mexico through my family (my two sisters). So, in addition to accomplishing many of my dreams, I have been able to help my sisters accomplish their dreams too.”- Alicia Jimenez, Shaklee Business Leader

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