Business Model

We have had discussion on this list before about the concept of network marketing and whther it is more than it reports to be. Below is a simple explanation of the way one company works. I believe you will see that while the concept may be simple, the effort is not necessarily so. It is not “easy”, and this is where I believe that many blind individuals fall down. We tend to think it will just happen, and of course anything of value never is easy.

When you shop for your toothpaste, shampoo, household and laundry products and any vitamins and food supplements you might use in your home considerwhat it could mean to you to redirect your spending which is simply changing brands. If you could just get your arms around the concept of purchasing themfrom your own Shaklee business. After all, if you owned a gas station would you go acrossthe street to buy gasoline? Well, of course not.

So now you are changing to a brand of products that are just as good, or better, than what you’re currently usingfrom Walmart, or whereever you shop. You will save money, improve your health, and all the claims from the products are clinically proven, and best ofall the products have a 100% money back guarantee. Changing brands is a start to an income that will make it possible for you to be at home with yourprecious little ones and pursue things you have only dreamed of doing.

Now, on the top center of your paper draw a circle and write the word “you” inside the circle. By using 135-150 dollars of products each month you earn100 points, similar to the way airlines would use airmiles. Remember, you’re buying these products anyway and giving that money to your favorite supermarket. Now you’re going to buy the products from your own Shaklee business and show others how they too can do the same thing and earn the same income plus havethe same side benefits you’re working for. So across from your circle write down the number “100” and this represents the products you’re consuming inyour own home.

The next step is to introduce the same concept to six other moms who also want to earn some money from home. So draw six circles for the moms who havejoined your team to earn some great money. Adding their 600 points to your 100 you have 700 points you would then earn a cash bonus from the company forabout $150. If your products cost $150 and you just earned $150 you can see that the first benefit to you is that from now on you get to use all yourproducts for free. Now that’s not a bad deal, is it?

Now these six moms probably know six moms each that want to stay at home. Now you have 3600 more points. By adding all these points you’re now grossingaround $2000 a month. All along you’re simply consuming the products and passing information on to others how they can earn money staying at home.Now compare that with the income many mothers earn today minus the extra clothes, gasoline, fast food, not to mention daycare which you no longer haveto pay for.

The potential to earn even more and contribute substantially to the household finances happens when each of these moms finds six more whowant to be at home and bring in extra money for the family as well. When the 36 moms find six moms each you’ll have 21600 points now adding up all thesepoints you could be grossing about $15000 a month.Now this is an ideal model that won’t work perfectly but what if you could clear $8000 or 10000 dollarsa month? Would that make a difference for your family? And what did you do to earn that income? You redirected your spending. Remember, you changed brands.

Put your arms around that concept just one more time and show others how to do the same thing.Now after your group is built, you could even take a whole month off and do a super exotic trip or a dream vacation with your family and you will stillbe paid because all these people are going to keep on brushing their teeth, doing their laundry and using deodorant while you’re away on your vacation.

You’re standing at the threshold of a huge movement in the health and wellness industry and are evaluating the crown jewel company. Not only is thisa great way to earn a lot of money it’s also a secure investment with excellent tax benefits that you now own. And it will continue to pay you for therest of your life. Who do you know that would like to be a part of this explosion and receive wonderful rewards?Loren Wakefield

“The best way to predict your future is tocreate it” Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

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